So Long Polyester

by Deborah Ríse McMenamy

ISBN: 978-0-9572313-9-9
Date of issue: 2013

When your world frays around the edges and carefully stitched plans begin to come undone, how do you hold it all together?

The eleven stories in Deborah Ríse McMenamy’s collection of short fiction ‘So Long Polyester’ examine the damage and hope born of loss. From the loss of innocence to ‘losing your shirt’, this elegant and at times darkly comic and disturbing debut work is populated with characters struggling to keep their sanity, their status, their relationships and lives from unraveling.

In the deliciously sinister, award-winning ‘Love, Like Stew’, a woman’s ex-boyfriend pushes too far and she finds herself in a battle for oneupmanship, while in ‘Rock. Paper. Scissors.’ a prominent doctor’s indecisive wife threatens an affair forcing his hand and a mother recalls her childhood loss and the fight to free herself and family from their fanatical father in ‘The Cure’.

In the title story, ‘So Long Polyester’, an underachieving, dishevelled man interviews for his dream job which could lead to the greatest loss of all.


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