This is ‘Gem Street: Beyond the Axis’ – a mix of the odd, the surreal, the outrageous and unsettling. This anthology is a little bit different than our previous two, but still just as dazzling. It’s a celebration of what lies on the other side of normal.


Gem Street III

Beyond the Axis

ISBN: 978-0-9572313-2-0
Date of issue: 2015

Our boldest anthology; 17 intense, diverse and exceptional stories from the winners of the 2015 Leonard A. Koval Memorial Prize.

Whatever your taste in literature, ‘Gem Street: Beyond the Axis’ has a treat for everyone. From the outrageous rural politics in our winning story, ‘The Parish State’ by Will Haynes to the disturbing recollection in 2nd Place, ‘Atlas’ by Manuela Saragosa and the strength of character and voice in 3rd Place, ‘The Rules of Caketin James’ by KM Elkes, our latest creation promises to be our most delectable yet.
Our 3 ‘Gem Awards’ go to the story of a lonely widow who creates company from household furniture, the wildly imaginative, ‘The friends we make’ by Christian Cook – Ruby Award and the quirky humour in Elizabeth Eber’s, ‘Trollsboro, Vermont’ – Diamond Award followed by the painfully beautiful narrative contained within Georgia Davies, ‘We See You’ – Emerald Award.
Not for the faint-of-heart Isolde Wiebenga’s, ‘The Tree’ is an intense study of an abusive relationship while Louise Garcia brings us the fantastical and charming, ‘Why Tabitha Gold Won’t Eat Apples’.
The impacting, ‘Sitting Ducks’ by Anita Davies, ‘Followers’ by Marc Owen Jones, ‘Distances’ by Chase White, ‘High Note’ by Paul Burns, ‘Into the Dark’ by Pauline Burgess, ‘Another Day’ by Jean Roarty, ‘His Hand/Our Salvation’ by Anne Walsh Donnelly, ‘A Vintage Year’ by Daphne Chappell and ‘Chance’ by Eileen Herbert Goodall provide plenty of intrigue and food for thought. Enjoy.


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