Gem Street I - Labello Press

An eclectic and outstanding tumble of glittering new stories carefully selected from entries to our first lnternational Short Story competition. We present the Leonard A. Koval Memorial Prize winners for 2012 representing Ireland, the U.K., France, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.


Gem Street I

The First Anthology

ISBN: 978-0-9572313-0-6
Date of issue: 2012

This is “Gem Street”, the first edition of Labello Press’s annual anthology in conjunction with our International Short Story Competition. The Leonard A. Koval Memorial Prize is awarded each year to writers selected for inclusion in the anthology and here we present an eclectic tumble of dazzling stories by new and previously published authors, selected with great care and consideration. Punctuated by unique voice, stylish humour and all manner of eccentricity, this rare and beautiful collection is a stroll among diamonds and moonstones.

Share the delusion in Paul Burns’ winning story “Folie à Deux”, join the speculation in P.W. Bridgman’s slightly surreal tale of a rather theatrical cover-up “Cake, Bang, and Elm”, be charmed by Zoe Gilbert’s “The Trotternish Ox-men” as a foul-smelling but important family tradition unfolds, family dynamics and memory collide in Helen Kampfner’s “The Locust Years”, and follow a man’s obsession with a fleshy nought and crosses game in Christian Cook’s “OX”.

A dying man and his daughter seek to understand each other in Wynn Wheldon’s gentle “Apples” and a woman has infidelity on her mind in Carol Brick-Stock’s “The Woman in Her Head”. Line up for the Christmas Toy of the Year in Michael Madigan’s “The GyPSy Line”, discover what a mother will do to protect her children in Steve Wade’s “For the Children”, while a man battles against his nature in Evan Guilford-Blake’s “Animation”, and the sea’s powerful allure tests in Noel O’Regan’s “As Grey Sky and Sea Blend”.


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