by Deborah Ríse McMenamy


At Love’s Altar

by Deborah Ríse McMenamy

ISBN: 978-0-9572313-3-7
Date of issue: 2020

Deborah’s new compact collection draws from a year of immense change and sacrifices made in the name of love. The fourteen intense stories are tinged with the work of fate and center around a broken yet vibrant city and the unnamed, interconnected characters who inhabit it.

A woman finds her heart drawn to a homeless man and cooks for him in ‘Burrito’. In ‘The Moment Had Passed’, a man answers a personal ad in the hopes of romance with a mysterious woman only to find himself biting off more than he can chew. ‘The Pod’ sees The Great Playwright staging an otherworldly vision that becomes explosively real. And in the title story ‘At Love’s Altar’, a woman’s chance meeting turns life on its head as she suddenly finds herself leaving home for a foreign land.


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