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Deborah McMenamy (Ireland)



‘AT LOVE’S ALTAR’  by Deborah Ríse McMenamy

Deborah’s new compact collection draws from a year of immense change and sacrifices made in the name of love. The fourteen intense stories are tinged with the work of fate and center around a broken yet vibrant city and the unnamed, interconnected characters who inhabit it.

A woman finds her heart drawn to a homeless man and cooks for him in ‘Burrito’. In ‘The Moment Had Passed’, a man answers a personal ad in the hopes of romance with a mysterious woman only to find himself biting off more than he can chew. ‘The Pod’ sees The Great Playwright staging an otherworldly vision that becomes explosively real. And in the title story ‘At Love’s Altar’, a woman’s chance meeting turns life on its head as she suddenly finds herself leaving home for a foreign land.

Only €10.95  & €2.95 Worldwide P & P.



SO LONG POLYESTER’  by Deborah Ríse McMenamy
When your world frays around the edges and carefully stitched plans begin to come undone, how do you hold it all together?
The eleven stories in Deborah Ríse McMenamy’s collection of short fiction ‘So Long Polyester’ examine the damage and hope born of loss. From the loss of innocence to ‘losing your shirt’, this elegant and at times darkly comic and disturbing debut work is populated with characters struggling to keep their sanity, their status, their relationships and lives from unraveling.
In the deliciously sinister, award-winning ‘Love, Like Stew’, a woman’s ex-boyfriend pushes too far and she finds herself in a battle for oneupmanship, while in ‘Rock. Paper. Scissors.’ a prominent doctor’s indecisive wife threatens an affair forcing his hand and a mother recalls her childhood loss and the fight to free herself and family from their fanatical father in ‘The Cure’.
In the title story,‘So Long Polyester’, an underachieving, dishevelled man interviews for his dream job which could lead to the greatest loss of all.

Only €11.95  & €2.95 Worldwide P & P


  ‘GEM STREET: Beyond the Axis’ edited by Deborah Ríse McMenamy

Our boldest anthology; 17 intense, diverse and exceptional stories from the winners of the 2015 Leonard A. Koval Memorial Prize.

Whatever your taste in literature, ‘Gem Street: Beyond the Axis’ has a treat for everyone. From the outrageous rural politics in our winning story, ‘The Parish State’ by Will Haynes to the disturbing recollection in 2nd Place, ‘Atlas’ by Manuela Saragosa and the strength of character and voice in 3rd Place, ‘The Rules of Caketin James’ by KM Elkes, our latest creation promises to be our most delectable yet.
Our 3 ‘Gem Awards’ go to the story of a lonely widow who creates company from household furniture, the wildly imaginative, ‘The friends we make’ by Christian Cook – Ruby Award and the quirky humour in Elizabeth Eber’s, ‘Trollsboro, Vermont’ – Diamond Award followed by the painfully beautiful narrative contained within Georgia Davies, ‘We See You’ – Emerald Award.
Not for the faint-of-heart Isolde Wiebenga’s, ‘The Tree’ is an intense study of an abusive relationship while Louise Garcia brings us the fantastical and charming, ‘Why Tabitha Gold Won’t Eat Apples’.
The impacting, ‘Sitting Ducks’ by Anita Davies, ‘Followers’ by Marc Owen Jones, ‘Distances’ by Chase White, ‘High Note’ by Paul Burns, ‘Into the Dark’ by Pauline Burgess, ‘Another Day’ by Jean Roarty, ‘His Hand/Our Salvation’ by Anne Walsh Donnelly, ‘A Vintage Year’ by Daphne Chappell and ‘Chance’ by Eileen Herbert Goodall provide plenty of intrigue and food for thought. Enjoy.

€12.95 & €3.95 Worldwide P & P.


‘GEM STREET: Collector’s Edition’ edited by Deborah Ríse McMenamy

The 15 stories that form and give life to this year’s special Gem Street: Collector’s Edition have been selected with great care for their elegance and polish, their powerfully moving messages, and lasting emotional impact. The following 3 stories have been placed as follows:
1st Place…….Heron by Maureen Cullen
2nd Place…..The Sommelier by Brian Kirk
3rd Place…..And it Begins. by Victoria Heath

This year four Gem Awards have also been given to the following stories for capturing our imaginations. To new writers Will Haynes for his politically imaginative story, The People’s Republic, the Diamond Award , and to Ruth Geldard for her story about a young girl’s traumatic inaugural journey The Parrot Dress, the Sapphire Award. The Emerald Award goes to the quirky Princess and the Puppy Thief by Maggie Veness, where revenge and chiffon in the art world have never been such close allies and to Catherine McNamara’s moving Magaly Park, the Ruby Award.

For his brave tackling of dark secrets in the longer form of short fiction, we congratulate P.W. Bridgman for But No, Nothing; John Murphy for Tystnaden and for satisfyingly unsettling us, we recognise Eilidh Nisbet and her story The Cauldron, a disturbing myth which has an irreversible impact on a hiker’s life.

For his humourous tale of negotiations outside an American Bank in Singapore, Snake Charmed by Stephen Evans Jordan, and Paul Burns’ story of a young woman’s attempts to navigate through a world of madness and fetishes Beholden, Thomas Pitts for his rant on higher education, Typical and Stephen Dineen’s near miss in London, Sirens’ Song, and finally the poignant Father Figures by Martin Tyrrell.

€13.95 & €3.95 Worldwide P & P.


‘GEM STREET’ edited by Deborah Ríse McMenamy

An eclectic and outstanding tumble of glittering new stories carefully selected from entries to our first lnternational Short Story competition. We present the Leonard A. Koval Memorial Prize winners for 2012 representing Ireland, the U.K., France, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.
Anthology Stories:
1st Place – Folie a Deux……..Paul Burns
2nd Place – The Trotternish Ox-men…….Zoe Gilbert
3rd Place – Cake, Bang, and Elm……P.W.Bridgman
The Woman in Her Head……..Carol Brick-Stock
OX……Christian Cook
Animation……Evan Guilford-Blake
The Locust Years……Helen Kampfner
The GyPSy Line……..Michael Madigan
As Grey Sky and Sea Blend…..Noel O’Regan
For the Children……Steve Wade
Apples…….Wynn Wheldon

€11.95 & €3.95 Worldwide P & P.

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